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2012 05 07
Stahl presents colours for autumn and winter 2013/2014

Almost every country in the world is preparing its team for the Olympics and Paralympics. Soon, athletes will be on their way toLondonfrom all over the world. Sport is on everyone’s mind, and Stahl is no different. In its new look at colours for Autumn and Winter 2013/2014 Stahl is inspired by the world of sports.

In a new presentation format, Stahl’s Design Studio presents with the title “Fit-Couture” leading designers and leather finishers through four distinct style and colour groups that define how sporty looks and fashion have come together, allowing modernity and ecology to coexist.

“Fit-Couture” is inspired by four categories.

Air-fit: Sports that rely on air for performance such as paragliding and sailing. The style is minimalist but moderate, taking its cue from the effects of air on the material and lines. Colours take their tonalities from the lightness of the winter sky.

Ground-fit: Takes its influence from extreme sport. Both contact and endurance sports provide a mix of city styles, the nature of which relies on comfort and technology. Nature is overlapping the city panorama.

Ice-fit: The group is influenced by winter sport and mountaineering. Inspirations are emphasised by wet and shiny surfaces. Colours are drawn from the ice colours of winter and the neutral tones as they move from white through blue to green, all frosted and wrapped in a greyish patina.

Smart-fit: Inspired by sports ranging from polo to horsemanship. There is an urban sophisticated luxury in which amazons and knights seem almost to create obstacles between the stores in the city centre. Colours represent sophisticated elegance, the sports elite and the feminine. They are natural and warm. Yet nuances approach the only neutral colour, a typical metropolitan grey.

“Fit-Couture” is lavishly illustrated throughout with colour photographs that how the colours have been derived and how they work together guiding a world of interesting fashion.

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