Stahl Design Studio®

27 February, 2015
Based on the latest insights from leading experts, Stahl develops a variety of brand new fashion and technology collections each year. The Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections inspire you to integrate the latest fashion, color and technology trends in your products. Next to a fashionable look and feel, we assure that the collections meet your technical requirements as well. Such as excellent quality, durability and specific performance characteristics.

Color forecast 
For the latest color forecast we cooperate with color, fashion and trend forecasters. Twice a year we present our new forecast. 

We are loading, another tomorrow for Spring Summer 2018
People are moving more than ever and bring with them, when moving, a part of their culture. We are creating a new way of life, loading another tomorrow all together. Leather has always been used, everywhere on the earth and today we talk about it in its most authentic definition. Natural and soft, vintage, sometimes rude or surfaced but also exotic, upgraded. Textures are evoking the passing of time and the surfaces can change with the light thinking about future, but at the end, leathers are authentic.

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