Improve your performance with Stahl Carbodiimide Crosslinkers (CDI)

Improve your performance with Stahl Carbodiimide Crosslinkers (CDI)

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Stahl Polymers has developed a range of modern crosslinkers that help coating producers drive product performance, safety, and sustainability. Discover more below

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Why leading coating producers are choosing carbodiimide crosslinkers

Crosslinking involves connecting polymers through reactive chemistry to enhance key mechanical properties, such as adhesion, toughness, abrasion, and chemical resistance. Increasingly, many leading coating producers are choosing to use carbodiimides for their crosslinking operations.

Carbodiimide crosslinkers (CDIs) are a high-safety, high-performance alternative to traditional crosslinkers. Defined as non-hazardous under the Global Harmonized System (GHS), standard CDIs react at low temperatures and offer an extended pot life. This makes them easy to use to formulate high-performance inks, paints, and coatings, from do-it-yourself to high-end industrial applications.

Key benefits of CDIs

Let Stahl help you get started with CDIs

Stahl Polymers has supported leading global coating producers to incorporate carbodiimides into their crosslinker portfolios – whether that’s alongside traditional isocyanates and aziridines, or as an alternative to these technologies. We’re here to help you discover the potential of carbodiimides too.

Offering a range of sustainable, safe, and easy-to-use options, Stahl Polymers’ new carbodiimide crosslinkers set a new standard for high-performance crosslinking – and are Swiss Ordinance compliant for indirect food contact applications.

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Improve your performance with Stahl Carbodiimide Crosslinkers (CDI)
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