Sustainable weather strip technology for automotive comfort

Sustainable weather strip technology for automotive comfort

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Our cars today are state of the art vehicles, equipped with extensive equipment to make your drive more pleasant and comfortable. However, the roads are not perfect. Bumps, shocks and shakes make for an uncomfortable experience and not just for your car. To limit these effects, cars are made of separate parts, connected with rubber strips that dampen the shocks and reduce the noise of the car segments. To ensure these rubbers offer the highest level of performance, Stahl creates elastomer coatings that are high performing, but also sustainable.

Elastomer coatings for weather stripping

Weather stripping employs vulcanized EPDM rubbers or thermal plastics elastomer to fill, and connect the parts of your car. That means between the relatively fixed body and all movable parts, such as the doors, windows and sunroofs of the car. Weather strips also play an essential role in keeping water and wind out of the cabin of the vehicle, which is why they are particularly used on places where water could easily gain access. Stahl’s anti-squeak coatings have become innovative and leading products that automotive producers rely on.

RelcaSil™ elastomer coatings for automotive application

One of the outstanding coating solutions Stahl offers is RelcaSil™, a coating formulated to meet particular challenges or environments our customers request. These come in various formulations, like our RelcaSil™ 400 silicone hybrid with a soft touch or the next-gen RelcaSil™ 023 1-component technology. Our entire portfolio is water-based; meaning these solutions don’t add to the possible VOC-load of car interiors, yet offer the same desired performance. RelcaSil™ coatings are resistant to marring offer reduced silicone transfer and are NMP- and NEP-free.

Solutions for Tier 1 and OEM partnerships

We approach elastomer coating formulation for materials such as vulcanized rubber and EPDM with a building block approach. With a long stretch of experience in the automotive industry, due to our expansive range of solutions for seat & trim, weather stripping and flocking, we know our customers want custom solutions. It’s why we work together in creating the desired results, using our RelcaSil™ and RelcaBond®  portfolio as basis. Both portfolios meat the rigorous sustainability requirements. They are free from hazardous classified substances and a 100% water-based solution. 

Our team is highly skilled in finding the right solution for you; so make sure to try our services for elastomer coatings. Contact Mel Micham, Global Market Director Stahl Performance Coatings, for the possibilities.

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Sustainable weather strip technology for automotive comfort
Mel Micham
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