7 Steps to Powder Coatings

With Stahl Powder Coatings, we offer a versatile coating solution for any production line, where speed and efficiency are vital. Even heat-sensitive substrates can easily be coated using the low-temperature curing process. Yet switching to a new process for your coating process can seem like a daunting operation. That’s why we help you in your orientation and transition by providing full support from analyzing the possibilities to fine-tuning of the process. All to make sure that your switch to powder coatings transpires smoothly with the expected successes.

Reduce production costs and time
Coating your products, using Stahl Powder Coatings systems, means high-efficiency with responsible technology. As curing is exceptionally fast, you can save time in storing and production. Also virtually all powder is used or can be reclaimed, ensuring that there is virtually no waste. This creates the additional benefit of saving in costs, not just in powder, but also in cleaning and energy-use. At the same time, the coating system is almost universally applicable and a value-add to any production line thanks to its environmentally friendly qualities. 

Still, there are always specific demands and needs that need to be met, which our coating systems can be tailored to. To realize this, we introduce our 7 steps towards Stahl Powder Coatings process. 

7 steps to success
With our 7-step program, we ensure a tailor-made coating line for your specific product needs, by matching your coating qualities with the right substrate and application methods. This way, before you have to convert any production lines, you are completely informed about the costs, benefits, and impact. Download the technical article about our most comprehensive service package, to find out how we do this. 

Find out more in our white papers
Do you want to discover everything about the benefits of Stahl Powder Coatings? Download the white paper and learn about the full range of advantages. Questions or interested in what Stahl Powder Coatings can do for you and your company? Get in touch with René Rieser, Global Business Director Powder Coatings.
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