A day at Stahl in Spain

Stahl is a global family that works together on creating innovative and reliable products and future-forward solutions. Our people are key to our success. Day in, day out they are work passionately on exciting new ideas. So, what does a day at Stahl look like? Josep Oller tells us about working at Stahl in Parets del Vallès (Parets in short). 

My Stahl
“I joined Stahl as a Polymer Chemist in 1984 and I have always been involved in the Research and Development area in various positions. Currently, I work on global research projects. Those are projects with a common interest for different business divisions or that may involve several of our centers. I began my professional career in the world of paints, formulating pigments and polymers. The science of polymers was what captivated me from the first moment. The company has given me the chance to develop new products and concepts through the years, which is what I relish most.” 
“Another aspect I enjoy at Stahl, is meeting colleagues from other nationalities. I’ve visited most of the locations around the world and cooperated with colleagues in sharing professional experiences. This has helped me to develop my professional skills, but also grow as a human being within the Stahl family.” 

The day at Parets
“At 6 am my alarm clock sounds. After coffee and fruit I drive to Parets. It usually takes me a good 25 minutes to get there, due to traffic. When I arrive at 8 am, the first thing I do is check my e-mail. I reply to consultations and requests from the different centers I work with. The rest of my day, I spend on the global issues that we’re currently focusing on. Every day we work on ongoing projects, but also seek new information and formulate exciting, new ideas.” 

“This morning we have a special visitor. Javier, who is the R&D manager in Toluca, has come down to Parets for a two-day visit. During his visit we work together, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences. Later in the morning I also spend time in the lab with Karim. We’re developing a new polymer in a reactor, to see how it performs and gain new information. If all tests go well, we will scale-up its production.” 

“At 1 pm we have lunch in the canteen together. I have lunch with colleagues and today I enjoy the company of our purchase department. After lunch I’m of to the airport to meet my colleagues Josep and Albert. We’re going to discuss the meeting we’re having tomorrow with a customer. A brand new project with high performance polymers, a new challenge awaits us in the morning!” 
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