A future where industries converge

In the near future technology will shape our individual preferences and in turn this will define the impact that style and design will have on our lives. Technology will not even remotely look like what technology looks like today. Most of it will be invisible to the eye but very present in our way of life. And we will definitely be able to feel, hear and sense the difference.

Smart integrated technology, innovation and a sustainable lifestyle define who we are and what kind of life we live. We will be able to take the comfort of our home with us on the road and the borders between living spaces will blur. The Rinspeed Oasis shows us that our world becomes ever more connected. From the connectivity in our cars to the clothes we wear and the phones we carry with us; the technology we own and use, will shape the experience we have with the world around us.

Sustainable standard
But what about technology we can’t see? Technology that improves our lives and makes sure that every living space we enter feels like a home. A living space that offers clean and fresh air thanks to advanced technologies that are used in the manufacturing of interior trim materials. If the way we experience mobility changes the way the Oasis demonstrates it will have a huge impact on the way we produce furniture, clothing and car interiors too. This convergence of industries and the transition of respective supply chains will be enabled by new materials and technologies that are water-based instead of solvents and that are based on renewable resources instead of crude oil.   

This trend towards more sustainable and cleaner technologies, as well as creating more in the supply chains will raise the standard of the industries. It will also define the standard of the public that will demand healthier, more durable and odor free products. Innovations that enable us all to create low-VOC or VOC-free products and environments. Innovations that will find their way into home interior, automotive, aircraft, architectural and other related industries. The “Oasis” literary is a 3rd living space, ahead of its time in terms of design, technology, comfort and wellbeing. 

Crossover trends
Not only trends in sustainable solutions will cross-over. Design, material innovation and technology will create opportunities that will span across multiple industries. When self-driving cars like the Rinspeed Oasis become third living spaces, our wardrobe could change accordingly. Technology will adapt to meet the changes of the future, and it will define the way we use a third living space. Who knows, fashion may interact with the interior of our cars and colors may need to be perfectly matched with our wardrobe, our cars interior and our furniture.

These developments will create a need for flexible and future-proof solutions. For instance, when everything is perfectly matched in your cars interior we need sublime aftercare products and we need to make sure everything stays clean. Cleaning and protecting your cars interior with the right products will nurture the interior materials surfaces and substantially increase the lifetime of the car interior. 
Thanks to the influence of other industries, our cars will have full entertainment and connectivity features in the future. They will have their own indoor gardens, seats will shift in color or they might be glow-in-the-dark

Technology and Design will integrate seamlessly; allowing technology to be simply used without even noticing it. Car controls and technology could become invisible, and covered with lush, rich cover materials with superior haptics. All while being sustainable and durable. 

The best part of it all may be that we don’t have to wait for the future for this to be reality. All these innovations, and more, are captured in the ultimate urban vehicle: the Rinspeed Oasis! So we would like to challenge you, to challenge us. Think outside the framework of your industry and see the opportunities like we see them. Because this future is soon upon us; when a car is not merely a car, and fashion is not only used to dress us. A future in which we will take our favorite belongings with us wherever we go, and a future in which industries come together to create some of the greatest innovations of our lifetime. 

We are going there. Who is joining us? 

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