A modern, responsible industry

Global Manager of Stahl Campus®, Frans van den Heuvel explains why responsibility is such an important core value of Stahl and how we take our responsibility to make the industry more sustainable. 

“Responsibility is deeply embedded in the DNA of Stahl. When we founded Stahl Campus® a few years ago, it was our original mission to provide insight into leather production. Since then, the vision has expanded to include the promotion of good practices and sustainability throughout the leather and specialty coatings industries respectively. Our Sustainability Director, Michael Costello, travels all over the world to inform people and companies about how to get sustainability and responsibility on the agenda. His story is well-received everywhere he goes. People are becoming increasingly aware that sustainability via more transparency is the only way forward.” 

Continuous change       
“The leather and coatings industries are changing dramatically and in a positive way. We want to show that. In addition to promoting good practices in the supply chain and introducing technology to reduce its environmental footprint, we also support a number of start- up companies in the field of leather, synthetics and alternative renewable or recyclable materials. In that sense, you can consider Stahl as an ambassador of the industry: we show a new way.”

Cleaner leather, cleaner wastewater         
“Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ is just one example of a product that makes the industry move forward. As everyone knows, water is an essential product when it comes to sustainability. Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ ensures that not only the leather hide becomes cleaner, but the wastewater as well. It is more sustainable at the start and the money you save on wastewater means that you have fewer expenses, making it economically interesting too. With these kinds of solutions, we are preparing the industry for a more sustainable future.” 
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