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Stahl Campus® - Leather and Performance Coatings
In recent years Stahl Campus® has earned the reputation of being an inspiring source of knowledge when it comes to the promotion of good practices in the leather supply chain. However, our knowledge reaches far beyond leather and that is why we are expanding the Stahl Campus® offering to brands, OEMs, manufacturers and students with a specialization in coatings.

Since Stahl initiated Stahl Campus® in 2014, hundreds of students and technicians have successfully completed our training programs for Leather. Stahl Campus® began at our head office in the Netherlands, but it wasn’t long before Stahl Campus® expanded to other regions in the Americas and Asia. 

Stahl Campus® also offers training for Performance Coatings. During these courses, qualified Stahl trainers share their knowledge about sustainable alternatives in the coatings industry, with a focus the Automotive, Apparel & Home Furnishing market segments.  

As leader in process chemicals for leather products, performance coatings and polymers, Stahl invests heavily in education. “By providing the right knowledge and education to industry professionals and future talent, we accelerate the process of making the leather and coatings supply chains more sustainable”, says Huub van Beijeren, CEO of Stahl. 

The flexible modular training system of Stahl Campus® for Performance Coatings is based on three training types: 
  • ‘Industry Trends & Innovations’: industry and supply chain views, trends, insights, challenges and innovations; 
  • ‘Pyramid Training’: basic knowledge about key pillars of coatings and how to reach expected performance;
  • ‘Experimental Training’: a deep dive into segment-specific or overarching solutions including prototyping, best practices and testing by simulating formulating, application and real life performance. 

These training courses for Performance Coatings will take place at various locations, depending on customer requirements, for example at a Stahl Center of Excellence, or at customer sites. For more detailed information on the Stahl Campus® Performance Coatings modules click here.

About Stahl Campus®
The ultimate goal of Stahl Campus® is to promote good practices throughout the supply chain. By offering structured, modular training courses to manufacturers, students, brands, NGOs, OEMs and others, it has become a key element in our commitment to transparency and sustainability. Indeed it has grown to become much more than just training, and can also be considered a forum for collective learning and debate about the future of our industry.  For instance we share our knowledge on the many stages of leather manufacturing from the hide to car interiors, bags, shoes or sofas. Our trainers are also qualified to share knowledge about sustainable alternatives for the chemicals and coatings used in the supply chain. Stahl’s wide range of expertize, is shared every day. We invite, technicians, manufacturers, brands, OEMs and others to attend training courses at Stahl Campus®. Training is usually hosted at Stahl locations, but also it can be at customer locations. 

By working closely together in this way we believe that we can deliver the sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and industry. At Stahl we are always looking for ways and tools that help us promote transparency. That is why we created an insightful infographic that shows how a leather product is made. You can view it here.

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