Aduu Mal: a successful marriage between sustainability and fashion

We have teamed up with the Mongolian and Dutch government and several fashion brands to support Mongolian tanneries in becoming more sustainable. Together we created ADUU MAL: a new quality label for sustainably produced leather fashion items. One of the key driving forces behind the project is Dutch fashion designer Hans Ubbink. He is responsible for designing the Aduu Mal collection. The production process for products with the ADUU MAL label is as sustainable as possible as Stahl has provided training to the tanners about how chrome-free leather can be made with our more sustainable tanning method STAHL EasyWhite Tan™. In addition, we also looked at the working conditions and fair wages of the tanners, tailors and shoemakers.

Watch the video and experience how Stahl contributes to sustainable, high fashion.

Stahl - Aduu Mal from Stahl Holdings B.V. on YouTube.

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