An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Since its founding in 2014, Stahl Campus® has been under the driven tutelage of its coordinator Frans van den Heuvel. Motivated by a belief in the transformative power of sharing knowledge and training in best practices, the program is one of our major global initiatives. Its prominent place in our organization it largely owes to the unrelenting passion and energy Frans has put into it. But now, after years of loyal service, Frans is leaving Stahl to start enjoying his well-deserved retirement and passes on the torch.

The perfect man for the job
Frans van de Heuvel, born in Waalwijk in 1953, is a true company man, who has been working at Stahl since his school days. From working in the factory to his position as Stahl Campus® coordinator, he knows the company through and through, which made him the perfect man for the job when we founded Stahl Campus in 2014. At the time, Frans said about Stahl Campus®: “I am retiring in 2019 and aim to leave the legacy of an institute in Stahl Campus® that functions seamlessly across the world and which my successors can advance without problems.”

Leaving behind a global institute
To say that Stahl Campus® was a success would be an understatement, as Frans confirms: “We have succeeded in that mission together. Stahl Campus® was initially active in Waalwijk and Leinfelden, but we now have several sites across the world where we provide detailed customized training courses. With expansions in Mexico, China and the latest addition in India, which opens very soon, you could say Stahl Campus® is synonymous with its ambition. I have seen the company grow and we have certainly accelerated in the last five years. Thanks in part to Stahl, sustainability is high on the agenda, not just for the leather industry, but throughout the whole supply chain. We have sustainable solutions for the entire leather preparation process, but also for the treatment of substrates other than leather. Stahl has become a global trendsetter and is ready for the future.”

A combination of talent, drive and expertise can move mountains
For that future, we need more than sustainable solutions and awareness. We need people that have the imagination and drive to realize its full potential and that’s where Stahl Campus® plays a vital role. Harnessing talent, with the right guidance is key according to Frans: “We have coached 600 leather industry influencers and emerging talents from all over the world in Waalwijk in recent years. There is a great need for information about leather and we have consolidated that within Stahl Campus®. Benjamin Franklin once said ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’ and I agree wholeheartedly with that assertion. You can move mountains with a combination of talent and expertise. In addition, your drive is extremely important. You can be talented, but if you do not have the motivation to get the best out of yourself, you waste that talent.”

As our Global Stahl Campus® program passes on into the capable hands of Annelies Janssen- van Drunen and the dedicated team of local managers, we bid farewell to Frans van den Heuvel and thank him for his faithful service as he leaves to enjoy his retirement. Rest assured that his commitment is carried on.

Frans van den Heuvel

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