Patent Leather

If you are active in the apparel & accessories industry, Stahl offers patent leather systems that enables you to make just that fashion statement you are wishing to make. Whether you want to manufacture or design a pair of patent leather shoes that shine like a mirror, a high gloss red bag or a flexible pastel shade belt, our patent leather systems are ready to help you out. We work on the premise: if it can be imagined, it can be created.

The key characteristics of our patent leathers systems are:
  • Very high gloss
  • Pleasant luxurious feel
  • Transparent and flexible film
  • Lightfast for white and pastel shades
  • Systems for classic and thermosetting patent finishes

Base coats, top coats and additives
Our patent leather systems consist of basecoats, topcoats and additives, with the basecoats taking care of a smooth surface that boosts adhesion and flexibility thanks to a high covering and filling layer. Furthermore, the acetone- and solvent-resistant base coats ensure a durable finish with a smooth natural feel, which is enhanced by a bi-component topcoat based on a polyisocyanate crosslinker and polyester polyol.
Of course we are more than happy to select the combination of base coat and top coat that works best for you. You will find the main features of our products below.

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