Apparel & Accessories

Our technicians work closely together with the world’s leading tanneries, manufacturers and brands. To create garment, footwear, bags or other accessories that meet even the most critical customer’s demands. Whether you chose for leather or synthetics, our products always give you the best solution. In performance, sustainability and style.

Innovation lowers the environmental impact
As market leader in leather chemicals and performance coatings, we believe it is our responsibility to lower the environmental impact. That is why we focus our R&D investments on greener solutions that do not compromise on performance.

A result of our efforts is the chrome-free tanning solution Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ for chrome-free high quality leather. Read more about Stahl EasyWhite Tan™. The Stahl EVO® range is our next generation polyurethane coatings for garment, shoes, bags and other accessories. Our Stahl EVO® building blocks enable manufacturers to produce fashionable coated materials in a more sustainable way. Read more about Stahl EVO®.

Sharing the latest insights
To keep our customers ahead of the competition, we share the latest insights in the technological possibilities of creating fashionable items. During customer sessions, through the Stahl Campus® and through the fashion books of our Stahl Design Studio®. Our Stahl Design Studio® presents collections based on the latest fashion trends to inspire you with the endless possibilities of leather and synthetics.

Center of Excellence
With our latest technologies, innovations and the latest testing methods, we ensure the best possible application. Our Center of Excellence in Apparel & Accessories is based in Italy. This Center of Excellence focuses on the development of new tecnologies and products. Next to that, the Center performs extensive physical tests to secure that the end product meets the agreed requirements.

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