Going to extremes can be difficult. Our innovative water-repellent fatliquor Dermaphob® WA-71 Liquid is specially designed for high-performance waterproof shoe uppers. It is also highly effective even with very low offers of application. This makes it easier to adjust the desired level of softness on the final leather.

High-efficiency, premium quality WR
Dermaphob® WA-71 Liquid is a high-efficiency, premium quality WR agent which provides a high degree of dynamic water-resistance. At the same time, it gives a deep softening if required. It also maintains the breathability and excellent buffing in suedes.

Key advantages
  • High levels of waterproofness
  • Superior water vapor permeability
  • Firm to medium soft leather
  • Very tight grain

Characteristics Dermaphob® WA-71 Liquid

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