Edge Paint

Edge paint or edge dye can make leather one of the most versatile materials in the palette of a designer. The grain, the feel and the leather itself creates a unique appeal that inspires designers from all industries and has given birth to some of the most classic designs in fashion, interior design and automotive interior. The edge paint gives designers new ways to shape their creations with new technology which can take their collections one step further. One step further in design, but now also in manufacturing and sustainability based on Stahl’s latest advanced Edge Paint system.

Leather is a natural material that needs to be cared for in the right way to preserve the quality and ensure that designer products last a lifetime. Environmental exposure to high temperatures and humidity can be challenging for coating systems. Additionally, long term contact with body oils, perspiration and acids which naturally come into contact with leather through normal use may cause cracking, de-lamination and discoloration of coating systems. With Stahl’s latest polyurethane resin technology, solutions are available for such demanding criteria.
Raising the Standard
Older technology has been known to fail under adverse conditions, leading to quality issues such as cracking, peeling and color migration. But since the edge paint application has such an important consumer appeal, leading brands have recently raised the level of the product requirements. 

The Stahl product range is based on an advanced primer coat and color coat combination, which works together to offer faster drying time and fewer number of layers, thus providing increased cycle time for typical manufacturing environments. For the most demanding applications, Stahl also offers its best-in-class topcoat technology to further improve overall quality. A wide range of advanced  pigment and fashion effects are now available.  In accordance with the most recent market demands, Stahl edge paint products are fully compliant with the most recent MRSL requirements.  
Standard and customized colored edge paint
Stahl offers a standard color range to support a wide range of clients producing various leather goods. Our production quality is capable of maintaining ?E*ab < 0.5 compared to a color control standard.

Do you want customized colors? Just contact us and we will develop it together with you in our Center of Excellence for Edge Dye in Graulhet (France). Our advanced processing allows for application critical viscosity to be maintained within a narrow tolerance of ± 100 cps. Furthermore, they are warehoused and shipped in a temperature controlled environment to deliver the specified viscosity.

We can think of a million and one great ways to create stunning designs using edge paint and we can only imagine what a creative mind could further do to create head turning designs. Want to know what the possibilities of edge paint are? We are at your disposal, bringing the edge to your designs is just one click away.

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