Shoe Finish

Stahl provides you with the finish that meets all your requirements. To upgrade leather, make it durable or give it the latest fashion look. The variations in finishes are endless. We provide you the customized finish system you are looking for.

Many of our leather finishes and systems are water-based. Our dedicated R&D staff focuses on developing eco-based substitute components without compromising on the quality of the final product.

  • Aqueous and solventborne impregnation systems for fill and crust strengthening
  • Water- and solvent-based fillers to improve uniformity, adjust gloss, give oil and wax pull up effect and to adjust the feel
  • Auxiliaries to optimize the performance of the finishing systems such as foaming, water repellence, spotting resistance, finish penetration and special effects
  • Finishes ready for use or only require addition of water
  • Water- and solvent-based modifiers offering improved surface handling, special tactile fashion effect and improvement of the physical performance of the leather
  • Dullers added to a basecoat and/or topcoat to adjust the gloss, feel and appearance of leather and give a fashionable look
  • Aqueous and solventbased topcoats to meet the required fashion look and specific physical performance requirements by the most demanding markets.
    Our topcoats can impart a specific color, shade, cover, minimize defects and give metal effects
  • Aqueous and solventbased pigments containing protein for shoe upper leathers
    Metal-complex dyes to shade undyed crust, increase anility and create fashionable look


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