Stahl Design Studio® releases La Première Limited Edition Collection book, a must-have for fashion and design experts

What are the future trends in leather? That’s a question our Stahl Design Studio® constantly tries to answer with collections that show in which direction the industry is heading. To be able to capture these trends, our team works with color, trend and fashion forecasters. The aim is to shape the look and feel of new trends, captured in a collection book that shows us what to expect for the future of leather.

Limited Edition Collection Book
Our Stahl Design Studio® created something unique: La Première Limited Edition Collection book. A daring look at the amazing possibilities leather offers for the future of fashion and design. The book is an absolute must-have for designers, fashion experts, trend watchers, and forecasters. Anyone from aspiring designers to seasoned industry professionals and purchasers from the industry should have this book to know which trends and materials allow them to make bold, new creations.

Fashion coordinator Émilie Musso explains why this book is so significant: “There is very little information available on the future trends in leather. We aim to change this and offer interested parties a collection that allows them to experience the versatility and aesthetic possibilities the material offers. Leather is a resource that is full of life, with a unique look and feel, but it’s also an enduring product that can last for ages. That makes it highly sustainable, which consumers value highly.” 

Take a look at the video below, to see how Stahl created this collection and what you can expect in this remarkable collection. The book will be released on the 24th of January at the Pitti Immagine Filati fair in Firenze, Italy. This production will be available in an exclusive limited quantity. 

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Curious to see a digital preview of the book? You can download it below this article

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