Stahl Design Studio®

Our Stahl Design Studio® for automotive is specialized in future trends and color forecasts. At the studio, we develop appealing leather and synthetic trend collections for the automotive industry. We also support customers in translating these trends into future product designs.

Based on the latest insights from leading experts, we develop a brand new automotive leather trend collection once a year. Additionally, every other year, we create an automotive performance coating trend collection. These trend collections inspire you to integrate the latest fashion, color and technology trends into your products. As well as a fashionable look and feel, we also ensure that the collections meet your technical requirements as well. This includes such things as excellent quality, durability and specific performance characteristics.

We meet your future needs
Our latest release is the leather and performance coating trend box ‘Automotive Design Inspirations’. We have taken themes from the latest automotive fairs, analyzed them, performed general trend research and attended color marketing group workshops. This led our team to create a great range of trendy and appealing articles that will answer the need of your future developments. The trend box also includes a general trend book with the latest color forecasts.

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