OEM Sales & Services

Interior harmony
Stahl understands that a distinguished and harmonic car interior can substantially contribute to the passenger´s well-being and overall customer experience. This is why we function increasingly as one-stop-shop for car interiors. With our technology portfolio from automotive leather chemicals to performance coatings combined with our expertise in formulation & application on the different substrates, we offer a unique value proposition to the automotive brands. We carefully listen to the specific needs and use our competencies to develop innovative interior materials that are durable, yet sustainable and that gives a car its own luxury personality consumers are looking for.

We know that the aesthetics of car interiors gain importance. Stahl therefore increasingly cooperates directly with designers and engineers of automotive brands itself. Together with brands and our partners, Stahl´s automotive specialized technicians develop tailor-made solutions and class A surfaces for Leather and synthetic interior materials. In addition to best in class technological performance, we enable harmonic look & feel, resulting into a luxurious car interior appearance.

Multiple touch-points
We provide innovative solutions and superior class A surfaces all around the passenger: steering wheel, car seats, instrument panel, glove compartment lid, door-trims, armrests, headrest, sun shield, glass run channels and center-console. Our solutions also have excellent physical & chemical properties like UV stability and solvent resistance, combined with Stahl´s premium haptic with inherent low-squeak performance for a noise free car interior.

Our OEM sales & services
  • Stahl Design Studio®: Every year, we develop a brand new Design Inspirations collection for car interiors. Based on latest fashion, color and technology trends from automotive and related industry insights, we provide inspirations for leather and synthetic interior materials. Next to boosting your senses, our experts know exactly what creations meet your technical requirements such as quality, durability and specific performance characteristics.
  • We offer training courses at Stahl Campus®. Learn about how leather is being made, about craftsmanship and about sustainability.
  • By working closely together with OEMs, together we design the concept car that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations.
  • We are passionate about listening and discussing OEM´s future needs - and we are driven to provide tailored services and solutions that exceed our partner´s expectations. What can we do for you?

As our technicians work daily with a wide variety of substrates like leather, textile, plastics and other materials, they know exactly what the technical possibilities are. Flexible or non-flexible. On average our technicians spend 80% of their time at customers’ location to secure the best applications of our products. We perform physical tests all over the world to check if the end product meets the technical requirements. With our latest technologies, innovations and the latest testing methods, we can ensure that the end product is what you had in mind.

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