We are the market leader in providing total solutions for the car interior. With our extensive portfolio of leather chemicals and performance coatings, we support OEMs to give the entire car interior a sustainable and luxurious appearance for a long time. Developing products and procedures to meet the demands of our customers.

Not only car interiors are coated with Stahl products. The interiors of trains, busses, boats and also airplanes are treated with Stahl products as well. To boost durability, save fuel and provide a unique brand experience. Every day.

Creating a unique car interior
In close co-operation with our customers, Stahl’s technicians develop tailor-made solutions in the field of leather chemicals, dyes and performance coatings for flexible substrates. Next to best in class technological performance, our technicians ensure a unique look & feel is created. We even ensure that the color and appearance of the leather on the steering wheel and car seats match the seat and trim materials of the dashboard and gear lever.

Our innovations, boosting sustainability
As sustainability requirements are becoming more and more stringent, Stahl invests heavily in the development of new technologies. More sustainable technologies bearing in mind the demands of our customers. Now and in the future.

An example. Stahlite® was developed for the transportation industry. Thanks to a careful selection of processing chemicals, the weight of leather is minimized resulting in fuel savings. The production process is more sustainable as well: the Stahlite® re-tan process uses less chemicals, water and energy than conventional re-tannage. Read more about Stahlite®.

The Stahl EVO® range is our next generation polyurethane coatings for the automotive industry. Our Stahl EVO® building blocks enable manufacturers to produce coated materials in a more sustainable way, cost-effectively and in line with the latest trends. Read more about Stahl EVO®.

More and more automotive brands request for chrome-free leather. Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ is our solution for chrome-free high quality leather. Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ is a more sustainable and simplified tanning process. Less salt is needed, while the number of stages in the tanning process has been reduced. Read more about EasyWhite Tan™.

Centers of Excellence
With our latest technologies, innovations and testing methods, we ensure the best possible applications. Worldwide we have four Centers of Excellence specialized in the transportation industry. These Centers of Excellence focus on the development of new technologies and products. Next to that, the Centers perform extensive physical tests to secure that the end product meets the agreed requirements.

The Centers of Excellence are based in the Netherlands, Mexico, China and USA

Other automotive solutions
Next to our Seat & Trim solutions, we also offer In Mold Coatings and elastomer coatings for weatherstrips to the automotive industry. Did you know that we even deliver coatings that make textiles airtight?

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