Automotive Trend Report: how homes and cars become one

We are on a journey and we are travelling in style. With IAA 2017 coming up, it’s time to take a good look at the future of automotive. What does the future hold for the way we perceive living and traveling? And how do our cars and homes become a perfect match? The Automotive Trend Report from The Footwearists (formerly known as SLEM) has the answers. 

As the expert in car interior materials surfaces, Stahl is all about interior harmony, where every component in the car is balanced. In style, in technology, and in sustainability. The Automotive Trend Report we created together with The Footwearists (formerly known as SLEM) the international innovation and education center for footwear and leather, therefore builds on our earlier Fashion Trend Report. We updated this report for the world of automotive. 

A mobile, intelligent experience in style 
For future consumers, it’s all about experiences, instead of ownership of a house or car. Mobile houses will become more and more attractive. This fusion of house and car has many faces: from little, multifunctional pod cars to film set-inspired luxury mobile homes. Cars that become homes have to look like home. Consequently durable, easy to clean, lightweight upholstery will play a leading role. We will also see more use of comfortable leather, preferably of a stylish and sustainable choice, as a substantial part of the future consumers is very environmentally conscious. 

The merge of automotive and technology will continue in the future, resulting in smart, interactive solutions that will increase the mobile experience. Think of leather track pads with pressure sensors and upholstery in leather or fabric that responds with intelligence to your every on the road wish without losing the cozy, domestic look and feel. Because even though we like to roam the world, there is no place like home. 

Embark on a journey to the future 
Want to explore our take on the future of automotive? Download the Trend Report in the link below. We would appreciate it if you could first provide us with some relevant information so we can learn who is interested in our forecast. Also, we’re very interested in your thoughts about this subject. Please share them on social media. Any requests or questions? Contact us via or our social media channels. 
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