Bem-Vindo a Stahl Brasil (Welcome to Stahl Brasil)

With over 2,000+ employees at Manufacturing Sites, Application Labs, R&D Centers, and Support Offices / Sales Offices in 24 countries, Stahl is an evident leading player in process chemicals for leather, and polymers and performance coating solutions for other substrates in a broad variety of industries. One of the countries where Stahl is active is Brazil. Here, we research, develop and create various solutions to help the leather and coatings industry move forward in a sustainable and successful way. We’d like
to welcome you to Stahl Brasil. 

Stahl Brasil S.A. is located in the municipality of Portão, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. At this location, we target various aspects of our many ranges and services that are of interest to our global partners and customers. On the production side, we focus on a number of key products, such as retanning and tanning agents, compacts, tops, fillng agents, acrylic resins, and auxiliars, antiks and waxes, polyurethanes, acrylics and crosslinkers, and PU’s aliphatics and aromatics, solvent and water based – Picassian®, Permuthane® and Permutex® solutions. This comprehensive range of key products adds performance power and character to products like shoes, furniture, and garments: from leather to wood, metal and plastics. 

All aspects at one site 
With a yearly production capacity of 10,000 tons and an actual production of 3,000 batches, we can annually produce 220 different finished goods with 370 raw materials, varying from 100 kg to an astonishing 10,000 kg per lot. Once finished, the goods are stored in our warehouse that has a capacity of 1,400 ton. The capacity for the storage of raw material is 470 ton and finally the capacity of the tanks farm for raw materials and finished goods is 400 ton. As innovation and development are just as important as production, our Brazilian site in Portão is also home to Sales, R&D, Application and QC lab, Warehousing and Shipping facilities. In this way, all aspects of the process are always nearby.

As we take research serious, at our Portão site we provide research, development and innovation support for projects, processes and customers at different locations. In our R&D Laboratory we provide in-depth research, development and innovations for the leather and performance coatings business. For example, here we study polymers reactions in water and solvent base, acrylic and urethane resins, wax emulsion, filler, binders, pigments and compounding. Through our R&D Analytical Lab we provide research and development support for projects and quality assurance. In order collect the right data we use innovative equipment, such as a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Particle Sizer, Gas Chromatograph and a Gel Permeation Chromatograph. With our R&D Pilot Plant Reactor with a capacity of 180 kg for Urethanes water-based and 70 kg for acrylic resins and Urethanes solvent-based, we provide research and development support for projects, process and customer field trials.

Added value 
Also, our Brazilian site is equipped with an Application Center. In this technological center, we accommodate the Application Labs of leather, performance coatings and polymers departments, with a main focus on supporting Sales Area through services, and adding value to Stahl’s products in order to ensure and expand the business. Here, we develop articles and collections for customers, screen our and our competitors’ newest products, give marketing support, give trainings and conduct physical tests - for both Stahl teams and for our customers – and support colleagues and customers with trouble shooting through our technical expertise. 

Contact details of Stahl Brasil S.A.
Rua Boa Vista 1832, 93180-000, Portão, Brazil
T: +55 51 3304 9900
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