Bhãrata Padhãrane Para Stahl Svagata (Welcome to Stahl India)

With over 2,000+ employees at Manufacturing Sites, Application Labs, R&D Centers, and Support Offices / Sales Offices in 24 countries, Stahl is an evident leading player in process chemicals for leather and other substrates in a broad variety of industries. One of the countries where Stahl is active is India. Here, we have two manufacturing sites, in Ranipet and Kanchiperum. directed by our Indian corporate office in Chennai. At these two manufacturing sites, we create various solutions to help the leather and performance coatings industry move forward in a sustainable and successful way. We’d like to welcome you to Stahl India. 

At Stahl India in Ranipet we manufacture a broad range of key products. Leather finish products like acrylics, PU’s, lacquers, fillers and pigments, shoe finish products like self-shine creams, antique pastes and wax bars. Here, we also produce performance coatings, wet end products, Piel Color LF products and finally the entire Picassian range of Stahl Polymers. Stahl India in Kanchiperum focusses on an entirely different set of key products, From the Feliderm® ranges for Beamhouses via fat liquors retanning syntans, auxiliaries, compact binders and pigment dispersions to in-can preservatives, metal working and leather preservatives, personal care products and finally specialty intermediates. 

Two multipurpose plants with exceptional technological know-how 
Even though the goods that are manufactured differ, both chemical sites are very cost competitive, well-invested, integrated manufacturing facilities where production, logistics and laboratory establish high productivity levels. Also, both sited have excellent transport links and proximity to key customers in the Indian leather industry. Furthermore, the SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) performance and the relationships between stakeholder management and employees, union, neighbors and authorities is excellent. Also identical: at both multipurpose plants our exceptional technological know-how is put to great use, thus providing key advantages for formulating innovative products, such as synthesis at high and low temperatures, milling and dispersions. At Ranipet, other advantages of our technical know-how are the formulating polyurethane emulsions, solution and emulsion polymerization, solid wax bars, NC/CAB lacquer emulsions and wax emulsion. At Kanchiperum, the advantages consist of synthesis in strong acidic conditions, multiple condensation polymerization, spray drying, crystallization and centrifuging, and powder blending. 

With a yearly production capacity in Kanchiperum of circa 24,000 tons and an actual production volume of 17,000 tons in circa 4,500 batches, the 80 employees at this Stahl site annually produce about 150 raw materials and 200 different finished goods, varying from 500 kg to no less than 20,000 kg per lot. Once finished, the goods are stored in the FIFO-based warehouse that can hold 2,300 pallets inside and can store another 1,000 pallets in an open area. The capacity of the storage of raw material is 900 pallet places and finally the capacity of the tanks farm for raw materials and finished goods is 700m3. The yearly production capacity in Ranipet stands at 23,400 MT per year and the actual production volume per year is 50.22 tons in circa 4,600 batches. Here, 56 employees yearly produce 550 raw materials and 250 different finished goods, varying in lot size from 80 kg to 6,000 kg. When finished, the goods here also are stored in the FIFO-based warehouse. Of both finished goods and raw materials, the Ranipet warehouse can store 900 pallets. The capacity of the tanks farm for raw materials is 30m3.

Continuing steps towards more sustainability
Sustainability is a strong part of our company culture, also at our Indian sites, so we take great pride in finding ways to act in a more sustainable manner. In Ranipet, we continuously monitor and focus on waste generation and the utilization of natural resources. Here, we harvest rain water, recycle chilled water to conserve the natural resource, also we sequence production to reduce cleaning operation to conserve even more water. We also have plans to turn this ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified plant into a zero discharge from wastewater treatment plant. And, as most of the communications are electronic, the use of paper is reduced considerably. 

At our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified site in Kanchiperum we play our sustainable part by always developing environmental friendly products, such as syntans with low free formaldehyde and phenol contents, fat liquors for which the SCCP/MCCP raw materials that are used in production are replaced for more sustainable solutions. And here we also develop APEO-free Leather products by replacing raw materials used in production. Finally, the Kanchiperum site is migrating from using fossil fuel to environment friendly agro fuel for steam generation and spray drying to further reduce fossil fuel consumption. 

For further information on (one of) these two manufacturing sites, please contact the corporate office in Chennai: 

Contact details of Stahl India - Chennai
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T: +91 44 2248 5102
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