Bienvenido a Stahl México (Welcome to Stahl Mexico)

With over 2,000+ employees at Manufacturing Sites, Application Labs, R&D Centers, and Support Offices / Sales Offices in 24 countries, Stahl is an evident leading player in process chemicals for leather and other substrates in a broad variety of industries. One of the countries where Stahl is active is Mexico. Here, our Center of Excellence for Leather and Performance Coatings supplies various industries with everything you can expect from a world-class chemical site. We’d like to welcome you to Stahl Mexico. 

Stahl Mexico is located in Toluca, the state capital the of State of Mexico, 70 km west of Mexico City. In this rapidly growing urban area, you’ll find our 41 excellent qualified, direct manufacturing employees working at a well-invested, highly productive manufacturing facility where production, logistics, R&D and Application Labs are all integrated into one plant. An efficient plant where the SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) performance and the relationships between stakeholder management and employees, union, neighbors and authorities is excellent. 

In Toluca, we make good use of our exceptional, process broad technological know-how to constantly improve processes regarding polymerisations (Polimerizations) and resin synthesis, oils oxi-sulphatation (Sulphonation), compounding and milling. The outcome of this ongoing search for smarter processes are to be found in innovative products such as water and solvent acrylics and urethanes, hybrids, lacquers, water and solvent pigment dispersion and compounding. 

Safely stored waiting for worldwide export 
With an installed production capacity of circa 37,000 tons per year and a production of circa 6,000 batches, we annually produce around 600 raw materials and 400 different finished goods (produce 400 different finished goods using around 600 different raw materials), varying from 400 kg to no less than 10,000 kg per lot. Once finished, the goods are stored on FIFO basis in our warehouse that has a capacity of 4,354 pallet places (4782 pallet placed). The capacity for the storage of raw material is 1,359 pallets, and finally the capacity of the tanks farm for raw materials and finished goods is 2,600m2 (600 m3) Safely stored, all these materials await export to North, Central, and South America, Asia and Europe. Finally, our Mexican site in Toluca is also home to sales, QC labs, shipping facilities and also acts as a supply hub for Domestic and Export markets. Ensuring that all aspects of the process are always close by. 

Contact details of Stahl Mexico
Industrias Químicas 105 Zona Industrial, C.P. 50071 Toluca, Edo de Mexico. 
T: +52 722 275 86 48
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