Bio-based PolyMatte®: the matt solution for high quality designs

In recent years, the use of matt coating on luxury products has taken a hold on the imagination of both designers as well as consumers. People simply love the high quality look and feel of a product with a luxurious matt finish. Yet research done by Forbes amongst others in 2017 showed that even though matt finish on products is in high demand because of its luxury appeal, there are a couple of negative perceptions that are associated with matt finish. 

Products such as phone accessories, headphones, and luxury items with matt finish come with the disadvantage that the product will easily become stained by fingerprints and damaged by scratches. With the knowledge that most of these products are used on a daily basis, the coatings we use need to be longer lasting without losing the quality that gives it its original appeal.

Apart from the demand of superior performance both the companies that design these products as well as the people who buy them, have become more aware of the impact the products we own have on our health and our environment. That is why water-based or bio-based alternatives for many of the products that we buy are being introduced. So not only do we expect the performance of the coatings on our products to be best in class, we also expect our products to be produced in the most sustainable way.

A sustainable alternative
Stahl is promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices throughout the supply chain and, as a result, incorporates the use of natural and renewable resources in the development of new finishing technology. Durable and sustainable solutions that outperform legislation. To comply with the demand of product manufacturers and their customers Stahl has created it’s PolyMatte® technology. This technology is built on our water-based polyurethane platform, and combines these protective properties in an extensive portfolio of ‘low gloss’ solutions for leather and coated fabrics. It forms a matt and smooth surface structure during the film-forming of coatings.

A significant part of the PolyMatte® portfolio is bio-based. In this bio-based variation renewable rapeseed oil replaces the traditional petrol-based building blocks. Similar to the traditional solution, bio-based PolyMatte® uses a polyol building block to create its specific properties. For PolyMatte® we use oil that is extracted from rapeseed. The solid part of the rapeseed that we don’t use contains crude fiber, carbohydrates and proteins, making it usable as animal feed or fertilizer. The best of both worlds in one natural source. 

Our bio-based PolyMatte® portfolio demonstrates the same high performance properties as before. It is resistant to solvents, oil, UV (the sun), oxidation, scratches, high temperature and hydrolysis. With the help of bio-based PolyMatte®, Stahl makes sure that high quality products can be sustainable and durable, without compromising on beauty and quality. Something we believe is going to give designers and manufacturers the necessary freedom to design tomorrow’s iconic products. 

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