Boosting durability

Our tailor-made coatings and finishes are used in many industries such as transportation, construction and leisure. Even the PVC coated fabrics for the roofing of sport stadiums are finished with Stahl products.

In close cooperation with our customers, we have developed tailor-made finishes to meet the stringent requirements for the roofing of sport stadiums. We managed to develop finishes that provide the optimum balance of flexibility, tensile strength and durability. We added specific properties, such as soiling, mar and UV resistance to strengthen the lifetime and the looks of the textile roof.

Below you’ll find an overview of the properties that can be added to a finish in order to further upgrade a PVC coated fabric.
Finish properties
  • Soiling
  • Cleanability
  • Block resistance
  • Gloss & dullness
  • Haptics & touch
  • Scratch resistance
  • Mar resistance
  • Slip & friction behavior
  • Anti-squeak
  • Printability
  • UV stability
  • IR emission

Stopping plasticizer migration
The loss of plasticizer is the main reason for fast ageing and damage being caused to PVC coated fabrics. Over time, the coating becomes brittle and dirty, which leads to damaged fabrics as a result of exposure to UV and humidity. We enable a longer life span for PVC coated fabrics by improving the material quality, the surface properties and preventing plasticizer migration.

High molecular acrylic and special polymers act as barrier against plasticizer migration and give the surface outstanding soil resistance and excellent cleanability. It gives a dry or soft touch and prevents blocking and tackiness.

Endless possibilities
Application examples of our durable finishes for PVC coated fabrics are not limited to the textile constructions for roofing of sport stadiums. Truck tarpaulins, flexible containers for storage and transportation of bulk solids and liquids, billboards and tents are coated with Stahl products.

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