Will China’s Fashion industry change the world of fashion?

A lot of professionals in fashion have long seen China as a market of producers, and imitators. But those who have been paying close attention know that exciting things are happening in China. From being a producers market, China is slowly shifting to being a creators market. Designer brands that excel both in fashion and sustainable solutions are up and coming and they are not only conquering the Chinese market but  expanding to a worldwide audience thanks to the power of the internet. What happens in China, no longer stays in China.
For those who are interested in Chinese fashion and want to understand what really pushes their buttons, here are 5 trends that are becoming relevant in China in the coming year:
1: Polished finishes
Burnish oil and wax finishing has become a big trend over the last couple of months.
Whether it is edge finishing, or leather burnishing to get that specific polished look, the Chinese love it all. Especially combined with durable and wear resistant edge paint this trend has a big impact on Chinese fashion.
2: High performance fashion
Quality, Quality, Quality. The days that China was focusing on low quality articles are far behind us. Chinese designers and labels realize that quality materials will perform much better and is therefore more valuable to the wearer. But not only the material is important, also the finish is of great importance. Ultra matte, leather upgrading solutions, anti staining, anti abrasion solutions that lifts the quality of their fashion to the next level. This way labels can put more focus on the creative process, the uniqueness of the design and combine that with great performance.
Expect original and creative quality fashion to emerge from China!
3: Sustainable materials
As traditional materials become scarce and China’s market is expanding, the Chinese are experimenting with alternatives to leather. Surprising applications are found and new technologies are developed on a daily basis that might very well change the fashion industry due to the enormous scale and impact that China can have in this worlds fashion market.
The government supports sustainable endeavors and promotes and endorses companies that will help them to reach their goals to reduce the impact that Chinese production has on the environment and on the Chinese people. Read more about this development in this article. So the answers to the scarcity of some materials might very well come from China in the near future.
4: Soft touch
If you are going to wear something for a longer time due to improved durability and design then you want it to feel luxurious. Leather that feels soft to the touch is one of the most important aspects that the Chinese market demands. Nappa leather is becoming increasingly popular amongst brands to process in their garments and accessories. But wearability and flexibility and lightweight will have to be paired with a soft and luxurious feel.
5: Bold and colorful
Just like Japan, the Chinese have their own distinct style and color palette that may differ from western markets. More and more the extreme color combinations and bold graphic patterns of Chinese designers inspire young western designers to be more daring in their creativity. The ethnic Chinese heritage and designs, but also Korean ethnic visual elements
are popular and used regularly. China’s history in exquisite patternmaking combined with the availability in technology creates a no restriction mentality in young Chinese designers that are eager to explore the boundaries of what fashion can do both from a design point of view as well as from a technical point of view.
We believe the Chinese fashion market brings great opportunity and can also deliver great inspiration to the world. The Chinese are coming, and we honestly believe that we will all be better for it.
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