We create the Perfect Color Matching Formulation for stunning leather designs

Stahl continues to develop tailor made business solutions and services to downstream clients, and is now offering a leather Color Standard Service to the market. We have worked closely with our clients to identify and provide a custom solution for developing leather color standards. Our clients in the fashion industry can typically create up to six collections a year to offer consumers the latest fashion trends. As speed-to-market becomes increasingly important, designers expect that the initial color pallets which they create can be replicated into leather color standards within a few weeks. Stahl now provides active support during this critical design process with our ‘Color Standard Formulation Service’ and delivers a perfect leather color standard within a two week timeframe.

The Challenge of Creating Color Standards for Leather

Leather is one of the most versatile materials in a designer’s palette. The grain, the feel and the material itself creates a unique appeal that inspires designers all over the world, and yet creating leather color standards can be challenging. As a market leader in leather processing chemicals, Stahl color technicians can now rapidly and accurately formulate color standards for its clients.

Color Matching Formulation in seven steps

The color matching possibilities for leather are endless. All over the world, our color experts create the unique color standard formulation that makes your stunning design a reality. Whether it is for garments, footwear and leather goods or accessories, Stahl is pleased to offer the best leather color standards.

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