Curtume Nimo and Stahl Easy Crust™ are a perfect team

The Brazilian tannery Curtume Nimo produces crust leathers for the footwear and leather goods industry. They are extremely versatile when it comes to demands in the market. Whatever the size of the order, they want to deliver top quality. The implementation of Stahl Easy Crust™ enabled the tannery to create almost limitless colors, even for small orders. This strengthened their crust production essence while adding new possibilities to the shoe and leather goods industry as a whole.

Not only did Curtume Nimo receive awards with their enhanced portfolio of colored leathers, they were praised for reducing the operations needed at their customer's production lines, too. Simultaneously the colored leathers excelled with a natural look and feel.

Diego Nimo , Director at Curtume Nimo:
‘Stahl Easy Crust was pivotal in this process, the technology was the missing link to create our award winning portfolio. Stahl Easy Crust combines green technologies with an easy application. Now we can create almost limitless colors, even for small orders, and yet the operations at our customer's production lines are reduced. The local Stahl team gave us great support. Providing us with samples and helping out with local technical support wherever possible, we were able to implement the technology in a matter of months.’

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