Design Inspiration 2017-18: Wonderland in four amazing themes

Trends, trends, trends. Our Stahl Automotive Design Studio® is all about uncovering the trends and colors of the future. Based on the insights from leading experts, we develop a brand new automotive leather trend collection every year. These annual collections are created to inspire our customers and prospects to incorporate the presented fashion, colors, and technology trends into their future car designs. Needless to say these collections meet all technical requirements to ensure excellent quality, durability and an optimal performance.

Let’s take a closer look at our Design Inspirations 2017-18 Trend Collection.

The key message of the Design Inspirations 2017-18 Trend Collection is: ‘Wonderlands that inspire to travel, to think, to dream or to have a break. We broke this adventurous message down into four trend themes. 

Diversity all around 
First trend theme is ‘Diversity’. The expansion of the Panama Canal and the ‘one belt one road’-program awakes a new Silk Road. Diversity is all about multi-racial and multi-cultural influences, about shared lands and blended borders. The colors accompanying this rebirth of the Silk Road are inspired by old trading routes: nautical colors, representing the passage, colors of spices, fruits and textiles like silk. The colors for this diverse theme are also influenced by a new masculinity; emotions and a mixture of vulnerability and strength. 

Mystical Midnight Blues
The second trend theme is called ‘Midnight Blues’. For this theme, we explore luxurious darkness with a positive perspective. We embrace introspection and mysticism as they provide us with interesting insights into a world where the night becomes an active time, filled with dream noirs, gothic youth and nocturnal activities. The colors supporting this theme are also inspired by after dark and dream noir. The coloring resonates a dark atmosphere on the one hand and glow in the dark effects on the other. 

It’s a wonderful wonderland
We love visual stimulation. We want to create our own world and invite people to experience it with us. Perfect inspiration for our third trend theme: ‘Wonderland’. A theme filed with a man-made wonderland of psychedelic atmosphere, virtual reality and hyper exotics. Accordingly, the colors of this trend are inspired by super natural and bizarre paradises. These are artificial colors from innovative materials and virtual wonderlands.

Slow down and embrace the past
Last, but certainly not least is our fourth trend theme ‘Slow Down’. A trend that recognizes the great powers the past holds. A trend that revisits archives to rediscover forgotten ideas. This theme is a museum of lost objects, where slowness, silence and introspection all serve the same goal: creative thinking. Through this theme, we make room for emptiness and mindful wandering. The escorting colors are down to earth, silent and above all timeless, with plenty of room for spiritual wellness for mind and body. 

Red, Yellow, Green
As you see, the articles of this Trend Collection are various and innovative. We included new embossing designs, different leather qualities, new colors and effects, and we also played with different design technologies like tipping, cloud effects and perforations. And finally, we included our latest technologies. We have also highlighted all articles through a traffic light system. The red light stands for advanced, crazy innovative materials like translucent leather that can be used for show cars or advanced concepts. The yellow light stands for automotive leather that needs some more development or an investment to bring it to reality in the car. Finally, the green traffic light stands for material that is ready to be produced. The result: a wide selection of beautiful new inspirations on leather. Discover them all. 
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