Digital possibilities, cleverly used

The world is digitalizing and it is digitalizing fast. As a company that operates in these modern, fast-moving times, Stahl continuously searches for ways to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Cleverly using the available digital possibilities is essential, is the firm belief of Rana Olkun, CSO Manager at Stahl Istanbul. 

“Nowadays, digitalization is everywhere, every day in our life, and it makes everything, like keeping, accessing and sharing data easier, also at Stahl. We absolutely need digitalization to meet the needs of our customers and to keep up with our competitors. And not in the least, we must use our time quickly and efficiently. The latest technologies are of tremendous help to achieve that. For example, the ability to quickly reach a sales team, a manager or other expert when required is quite important. The latest technologies in cell phones help us to communicate, with one another and with customers, via mail from our notebook or mobile phone is not only very practical but also secure.”

More and faster information exchange 
“For instance, throughout Stahl, we use the same software system (SAP), and are able to access up-to-date information easily and quickly without even requiring a phone or mail conversation. Most Stahl employees have a company cell phone and are able to easily follow all the business via that phone or a notebook. Other programs, such as Jitsi, help us to communicate quickly. When necessary, we use the Arkadin conference system to promote new things, discuss matters or others, without any traveling being required. In short, digitalization helps us to exchange more information more speedily. Information about the innovations of Stahl and how our colleagues, partners and clients alike can benefit from them. I am looking forward to the day it will be possible to automatically deliver materials to countries based on stock levels in unmanned storage area. That will be a great example of how digitalization can serve the complete supply chain.” 
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