Coloring footwear and leather goods has never been this easy

At Stahl we are convinced that creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Therefore we developed Stahl Easy Crust. This dye staining product awakes the artisan within everyone. The product combines sustainability with an easy application. Easy Crust allows you to minimize your stocks, whilst giving extreme flexibility.

With Stahl Easy Crust™ almost limitless colors can be created. Even for small orders. Our dye staining product can be ironed and or polished to maximize shine and transparency. Apply the product by sponge and polish to the desired level of luster.

Key benefits Stahl Easy Crust:
  • Allows users to have unlimited creativity
  • Sustainable components
  • Very good performance
  • Produces very natural and transparent finishes
  • Simple application
  • Applicable on veg, chrome and chrome free tanned leathers

Are you ready to release your creativity? Please contact our team for any questions or assistance with all kind of technical support. We are able to implement the technology in a short period of time.
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