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As a leading company in process chemicals for the automotive industry, we know what counts for car manufacturers. Emphasizing recent industry trends and addressing technical challenges, our range of automotive elastomer coatings feature some of the most technically advanced polymers in the world. Our extensive portfolio of leather chemicals and performance coatings, including elastomer coatings for weather strips and flock adhesives, create endless possibilities for car interiors. Meet RelcaSil™ and RelcaBond™, the next generation of hybrid silicone urethane coatings and adhesives. 

The field of polymer chemistry is a challenging one, forcing our product developers to be on top of their game at all times. Additives and functional properties for the coating of a unique material like EPDM, requires years of experience, application expertise and the results exceed expectations. Our RelcaSil™ that was launched in 2015, ticks all these vital boxes. RelcaSil™ is the next generation of performance weather strips coatings. Created in a more sustainable way and developed in close cooperation with partners and customers. This allows RelcaSil™ to fit market demands such as luxurious haptics, low gloss and excellent noise performance. Our RelcaSil™ hybrid chemistry is truly unique to the market. Combining the solvent resistance and durability elements of conventional urethane coatings with the noise reducing performance of silicone coatings. The RelcaSil™ hybrid approach offers very cost-effective and versatile solutions that are always in line with the latest trends. 

At Stahl, we always strive for excellent results. We do not merely want to meet expected requirements; we want to exceed them. This is exactly what we have accomplished with both RelcaSil™ and RelcaBond™. Just like RelcaSil™, RelcaBond™ was created in close cooperation with our automotive partners. This new line of environmentally conscious flock adhesives is easy to use, durable and more sustainable. Furthermore, the RelcaBond™ products are unique in their high solids chemistry with both 1K and 2K options available. RelcaBond™ holds many benefits, such as excellent adhesion to green and vulcanized rubber, excellent flexibility, durability and chemical resistance and enhanced flock density. 

Innovation with an clear view on market’s needs
As sustainability requirements are becoming more and more stringent in the automotive sector, both our RelcaSil™ and RelcaBond™ ranges are created to meet these increasingly strict requirements. Both ranges do not contain any hazardous classified substances. Moreover, our latest innovative RelcaSil™ additions are 100% water-based, NMP- and NEP-free. RelcaBond™ in its turn is free of NMP, BTX and HAPs and is also available in mild solvent versions. 

In all our solutions, we always strive to innovate while keeping an open eye for the needs in the market. That is why we combine our expertise, dedication and engineering power and why we work closely together with partners and customers to provide solutions to today’s problems and new ideas for tomorrow. 

Key benefits of RelcaSil™:
  • Modular building blocks
  • Reduced silicone transfer
  • Improved mar resistance
  • Next generation of more sustainable squeak and itch
  • The latest environmentally conscious chemistry

Key benefits of RelcaBond™:
  • Excellent adhesion to green and vulcanized rubber
  • Excellent flexibility in cured state
  • NMP-free, BTX-free
  • HAPs-free (Hazardous Air Pollutant)
  • Non-staining/non-yellowing
  • Excellent durability and chemical resistance
  • Enhanced flock density

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