Fashion opportunities in 2016!

We live in exciting times when it comes to fashion. And it is only going to get better. Here is our take on where fashion will be heading in 2016.
Never in the history of fashion did technology have such an impact on what we produce and conceive. Smart fabrics, interactive fabrics, 3D printed fashion and many other innovations have opened up a whole array of possibilities that will  have a huge impact on the world of fashion as we know it. But technology is not the only innovative force behind the development of fashion. There’s innovation in the use of materials that we use to shape our collections. Alternatives to the materials and fabrics that we know today are now conceived in the minds of young designers, entrepreneurs and forward thinking brands that explore the boundaries of what fashion is and what it is made of.
These developments are shaped by a couple of very important aspects. Firstly the public demands to know what they wear and from where it comes. Transparency, traceability and sustainability have become more and more important and personal branding through what you wear has led to the rise of micro collections, customizables and exclusive and personal fashion. And it won’t be long before technology and personal preference will connect our homes with our vehicles,  garments and our shoes to create a fashionable, mobile and very personal way of self-expression. But what do we think this means for 2016? We summed up 5 developments we think will be of importance in the world of fashion next year, based on developments we have seen in the last couple of months  of 2015.

1: 3D printed fashion
Lush 3 dimensional extravagant pieces of footwear, or garments taken to new heights because of 3d printing technology. It seems that the sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity and possibilities of 3D printing in fashion. Whether it is the re-invention of a classic shoe through 3d leather crafting, an extravagant design fully printed in 3d,or the beautiful 3d printed garments by Iris van Herpen the possibilities are endless.

With the rise of these technologies, the protection, finish, durability and sustainability of these technologies need a new approach. Coatings and finishes that are included in the printing process or even in the raw materials. A whole new range of demands and applications. The ideas and possibilities we see are endless and we are excited that we will see this development mature in 2016

2: Alternative fabrics
With the growing demand for leather and quality fabrics, a lot of designers and brands have started looking to alternative materials to use in fashion. Yurii Kasao’s Jellyfish leather collection shows beautiful bags and accessories. Nienke Hoogvliet produces fabrics from Fish leather. And we even have discarded fruit as an alternative fabric. These fabrics provide us with an extra range of possibilities in both choice of material but also choice in texture.

3: Interactive fashion
We simply want to know where our clothes come from so we can re-assure ourselves that what we wear is produced in a sustainable and responsible way. Initiatives such as Aduu Mal or the shoe that grows will inspire brands to consider the sustainable alternative to grow their brands. In this new development a sustainable production process and the use of water-based polyurethanes and water-based finish is of great importance to support the mindset of sustainable fashion. Solutions we have been working on for years because we think this development is of great importance in ensuring a sustainable future full of opportunities for all of us.

4: Fashion me
Whether it is fashion you can download and create yourself or small maker shops that create unique one -offs tailored to your needs and flavor. In 2016 the limited, exclusive and “create it yourself” trend will continue to amaze us with innovations by upcoming designers and labels, as well as creative designs from individuals. Unique lavish prints that show who you are and what you stand for, creative interpretations of existing icons, virtual made physical. Everything goes!

Just thinking about the possibilities gets us excited about everything 2016 has in store for us. It is not just technology and biology but also the sheer creativity that comes with all these possibilities. Creativity that has inspired us to do what we do best, and that will inspire us to provide the best solutions in 2016 to support these developments. We can't wait! Let us know what you are looking forward to in fashion in 2016 and well talk possibilities!
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