Fashion Trend Report: a future fairytale that is about to become real

Envision a future where innovation brings us back to our roots and closer to nature, without compromising on comfort and luxury. A future where past values and present technologies merge into a more sustainable, natural and transparent outlook on life and on fashion. Wishful thinking? We don’t believe so. We have seen the future and it is pushing the boundaries of fashion fast forward. 

Together with The Footwearists (formerly known as SLEM), the acclaimed international innovation and education center for footwear and leather, Stahl created a Fashion Trend Report that visualizes the future of fashion. And if anything: this predicted future is one to look forward to! More than ever we’ll be in touch with Mother Earth, more than ever will fashion reflect on our personal style and ideals, and more than ever we’ll find new, inspiring ways to create and wear apparel, shoes and accessories. 

Rediscovering the virtues of our ancestors 
We broke the future trends in fashion down into three key themes: Exploration, Individualization and Sensation. As for Exploration, instead of only focusing on discovering outer space; we’d rather rediscover nature and the cultural values and habits of our tribal ancestors, and investigate how to combine these in a sustainable way with ever-advancing technologies. The outcome of this marriage of past, present and future is a more transparent and simpler society where the living is healthy and enjoyable for all. 

In the future, consumers will transform into ‘prosumers’, becoming domestic producers of their own goods, aided by digital technologies. A clear sign of this upcoming age of Individualization is the popularity of 3D printing, enabling professional producers and enthusiastic prosumers to create surprising items that are as personal as personal can get. Your designs reflect upon your character, nothing more, nothing less. 

Designing experiences 
The third and final theme is the undeniable Sensation of finding wonderful experiences in everything. It is about engaging all senses: touch, vision, smell, sound and taste, blurring the lines between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ objects using various kinds of interaction and augmented reality.

Take a close look at the future
Curious to find out what more the future of fashion has in store? You can download the Trend Report in the link below. Please first provide us with some relevant information in order for us to determine who is interested in our forecast. We are very interested in your opinion, so please share your thought on social media. If you have any other request or question, don’t hesitate to contact us via or via our social media channels.

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