Flame Retardants

09 May 2017

Flame Retardants
Safety and durability are both of the utmost importance within Stahl. That is why we decided to combine the best of both worlds. Our water-based flame-retardant technology has been designed to meet the environmental profile of an evolving world. As a result, Stahl’s flame retardants are used in a variety of industries from Aviation and Automotive to Technical Textiles and Home Interior. Whether you want to create flame-retardant curtains, car seats or furnishings. We have the top-notch solution you seek.

Our full life cycle of flame-retardant solutions have been evaluated from initial production through recycling at the end of consumer product life. Stahl’s flame retardants have been deemed safe for continued use. We offer a complete range of flame-retardant building blocks, varying from performance coatings, to polymer dispersions and additives. Just select the building blocks you need to produce coatings that match your performance requirements.

Innovation & testing
Stahl’s flame retardants have been deemed safe for continued use and comply with international fire standards of various industries. Innovations come from our dedicated R&D center for Flame Retardants in Calhoun, United States. Physical testing takes place in our Application Lab in Calhoun, where special machines combined with our expertise ensure top-class end products.

Product overview

Is safety your highest priority as well? Please contact our team for any questions regarding our flame-retardant solutions or if you require any kind of technical support. We are able to implement the technology in a short period of time.

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