Flock Adhesives

Knowing exactly what is important for car manufacturers, is vital for Stahl. That is why we strongly believe in partnerships to provide custom-made solutions. Solutions like RelcaBond™. This new line of flock adhesives is created in close cooperation with our automotive partners.

As market leader in polymer and proprietary matting agent technologies, Stahl offers a range of coatings to be applied on all known elastomer substrates for the weatherstrip industry. Now, with our RelcaBond™ products, we have created a new line of environmentally-conscious flock adhesives that holds many benefits. They are easy to use, durable, more sustainable, and unique in their high solids chemistry with both 1K and 2K options available. Furthermore, RelcaBond™ products have excellent adhesion to green and vulcanized rubber, excellent flexibility, chemical resistance and enhanced flock density. To achieve maximum performance, it is recommended to apply RelcaBond™ products at a 35-micron minimum dry film thickness. 

RelcaBond™820 is a low-VOC, non-staining, BTX- and HAPs-free flock adhesive. Compared to competitive products is has excellent adhesion properties, superior flock density and durability. RelcaBond™900 on its turn is a HAPs-free, mild solvent primer for improved adhesion to any low surface energy substrate. Our RelcaBond™ products are accompanied by two adhesion promoters: MA-21-643 and WF-73-473. The first one is a water-based adhesion promoter with a dual resin system. This promoter can be used ‘wet on wet’ to provide first-rate adhesion under any coating. WF-73-473 is an NMP-free adhesion promoter that provides an alternate solution to plasma/corona treatments. 

Creating a strong bond
Put together, RelcaBond™ and adhesion promoters, are not only an easy to use, durable and more sustainable choice. They are also the best choice when it comes to product development that is driven towards environmentally conscious low-VOC, HAOs-free products. 

Key benefits of RelcaBond™:
  • Excellent adhesion to green and vulcanized rubber
  • Excellent flexibility in cured state
  • NMP-free, BTX-free
  • HAPs-free (Hazardous Air Pollutant)
  • Non-staining/non-yellowing
  • Excellent durability and chemical resistance
  • Enhanced flock density

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