From high gloss to deep matt

The look and feel of surfaces is becoming increasingly important for consumers. To enhance the surface of furniture, kitchen cabinets and doors, Stahl offers the desired coatings for decorative surface films.

We develop tailor-made coating solutions that address the challenges in technical performance, protection and aesthetic requirements. We provide a look and feel that meets even the most demanding requirements for kitchens and bathrooms.

Our furniture 2D foil coatings come as rigid films and are suitable for flat lamination to timber or MDF. The foil upgrades the surface by adding the characteristics you are looking for. The furniture 3D foil coatings have been designed for press applications onto MDF substrates. The appearance of kitchen cabinets, door fronts and other furniture components will be lifted thanks to a high quality finish.

 Characteristics we offer
  • High gloss to deep matt
  • Excellent chemical and stain resistance, like coffee
  • High scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Water and heat resistance
  • Cigarette burn resistance
  • Light fastness
  • Drying & curing at low temperature

Water-based solutions 

We believe it is our responsibility to lower the environmental impact and enhance production safety. For decades, we have focused our R&D investments on water-based solutions that do not compromise on performance. As a result, we are able to offer water-based coatings that meet the most stringent requirements.

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