Full polymer silicone leather waterproofing

High performance leather waterproofing begins at the wet-end of the production process. And the same is true for environmental footprint. Employing new technologies, the waterproofing agents you choose can have a real impact on your environmental footprint yet deliver the same high-performance waterproofing you expect.

Stahl Densodrin® Polymeric Generation with polymeric Densotan®
Meet our newest leather waterproofing products: Densodrin® Polymeric Generation and polymeric Densotan® that together transform leather waterproofing. This is because they work every bit as well as conventional water-soluble waxes and silicones – but have a much lower environmental impact.

The result is the first 100% polymer silicone waterproofing solution. Employing Densodrin® Polymeric Generation with the polymeric Densotan® auxiliary, the Stahl Full Polymeric Waterproofing Process enables tanners and shoe manufacturers to benefit from:
  • Full polymeric neutralization
  • Full Polymeric re-tanning
  • Full Polymeric waterproofing

Significant environmental benefits
Using Densodrin® Polymeric Generation with polymeric Densotan® has much lower impact on the environment:
  • Close to 100% fixation reduces related untreated effluents load
  • 60% less chemical oxygen demand than conventional waterproofing
  • 60% less biochemical oxygen demand over five days than conventional waterproofing
  • 50% less salt than conventional waterproofing

Same or better waterproofing performance
Yet despite being better for the environment, Densodrin® Polymeric Generation with polymeric Densotan® delivers the same or better waterproofing as the best conventional agents:
  • Densodrin® Polymeric Generation with polymeric Densotan® outperforms conventional waterproofing in tear strength, tensile strength and stich tear
  • Matches conventional waterproofing on water vapor permeability (breathability) and static water uptake

Process benefits for tanners
Switching to a full-polymeric solution brings production and process benefits too. These include less frequent equipment cleaning, higher yields because polymer silicones fill blemishes and thicken hides, a reduction in processing time of up to 30%, and lower energy bills through lower temperatures (40-45 ? vs 60-65 ?) and fewer washes.

Brand benefits for tanners and shoe manufacturers
Switching to a full-polymeric solution also brings brand and marketing benefits:
  • High-performance waterproofing
  • Better color fastness and greater resistance to fading
  • Same breathability properties as our other Densodrin® and Densotan® products
  • ZDHC-compliant and free of PFCs to benefit the sustainable supply chain
  • Potential for environmental claims

Stahl: the world #1 in waterproofing and water-resistance
Stahl is taking polymeric waterproofing to a new level with Densodrin® Polymeric Generation and polymeric Densotan®, enabling tanners to produce waterproof leathers via a completely polymeric waterproofing process. No other company can offer this.
With the incorporation of BASF’s Leather Chemicals division and Densodrin® and Densotan® brands, Stahl today offers the broadest and most advanced range of waterproofing products on the market.
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Lionel Champanhet