Future proof

The determination, expertise and entrepreneurship of Harry Stahl led to a rapid expansion of Stahl. Harry Stahl broadened its horizon to meet the growing demand for leather chemicals around the world. In the late 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s Stahl expanded its business to become a worldwide expert in coatings and finishes. In the early nineties things moved fast for Stahl. Literally.

In 1990 the company moved its international headquarters to Waalwijk, the leather city in the Netherlands. A year later, the Wet-End business took off. This launch was followed by the development and introduction of automotive water-based leather finishing (1992), hybrid resin (1993) and PolyMatte® (1998).

Stahl kept growing during the new millennium. After the development and implementation of anti-squeak topcoats in 2003, PielColor became part of the Stahl Family in 2004. In 2006 Stahl not only opened a production location in China, but also founded Picassian®. With these expansions more opportunities and partnerships were created, just like Harry Stahl had envisioned.

In 2013 the revolutionary bio-based PolyMatte® was launched, creating opportunities for a more sustainable future. The latest addition to Stahl’s growing, future-proof success is the acquisition of Clariant Leather Services Business in 2014. This new addition to the Stahl Family will undoubtedly guarantee Stahl’s leadership for chemicals products for leather and performance coatings for years to come. As a result, Stahl is looking with confidence to the future. A future we create day by day, together with our highly appreciated partners and clients.

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