Golden Hands

As the market leader in leather chemicals, performance coatings and polymers, you will find our products in every home. The applications of our leather chemicals for upholstery are endless. We offer a broad range of solutions, from cleaning, protection, refinishing & repair to coloring pigments and dyes.

But one of the things that makes Stahl unique is our people. We have the best dedicated specialists in the world in many fields of expertise. One group of Stahl employees is part of a unique group called our ‘golden hands’. Golden hands are technicians who spend almost all of their time at our clients’ locations. By working side-by-side with our customers, we are able to achieve the best results.

The golden touch
Golden hands help our clients and partners to select the best materials based on appearance, feel, weight and experience. You could say that they can ‘feel’ which material will be the absolute best choice for the product that our client has set out to produce. Not only do our golden hands save our clients time and money, but in many cases they deliver a valuable contribution to the overall quality and success of a production involving leather products.

We carefully select and train our golden hands to become leather specialists. They become experts when it comes to leather. They know the possibilities, limitations and the properties of each type of leather and have the utmost respect for both the animal and the environment.

Thinking about the future
Having golden hands in our organization allows us not only to help our clients select the best possible materials for their products, but it also helps us to contribute to a better future by advising clients on more sustainable alternatives. We want to make sure each of our partners gets to work with the best materials so they can reduce their waste and contribute to a more sustainable production process.

If you would like to know more about our golden hands or you have a need for our expertise where we can help you select the best materials for your products and collections, then please do not hesitate to ask us anything you would like to know. We are at your disposal and we would love to bring our expertise, knowledge and, above all, our passion to your project to create extraordinary products.

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