How every public space can become a safer space

Better safe than sorry. This goes for all aspects of life, whether we are at work, enter public areas or during our spare time. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we want to feel as safe as possible. That is why safety should be a primary priority. Fire safety plays a distinctive part in our quest for protection and is bound by strict rules and regulations, as it should be. Fortunately, technology allows us to achieve the highest possible standard of fire safety. Everywhere, under all circumstances.

Every time we hear about a fire incident at a factory or recreational event, is one time too many. Like the fire that claimed many lives at a converted warehouse in Oakland, USA, last December. Or the fire in the Philippines in February where more than 100 people were injured, some critically. Shocking incidents that once and again underline the great need for the highest grade of fire safety in every area and in every phase of construction, from early construction to full operation. It proves the importance of the mindset that safety should always come first.

Combine the best of both worlds
Reducing the risk of a fire is deemed an important part of overall safety, yet rules and regulations regarding fire safety are strict. For instance, the European Standard N 13501-1 provides the reaction to fire classification procedure for all products and building elements. These products and elements are split into three categories: construction products, floorings, and linear pipe thermal insulation products. All three categories must comply with the strict European rules. At the same time construction professionals don’t want fire safety regulation to interfere with other important performance qualities for these overall busy areas. Think about qualities as high dirt repellency, low abrasion and long-term durability. Consequently, combining the best of both worlds is essential: the highest level of safety with the highest level of performance.

Thanks to the acquisition of Eagle Performance Products Business in November 2016, Stahl now offers an extended portfolio of first-rate water-based flame retardants with performance coatings, additives and polymer dispersions. Each and every one of these solutions, like every other solution Stahl offers, meets the most rigorous fire standards, is high performing and sustainable. And of course, all solutions slow the rate of fires and decreases its burn and smoke generation, thus increasing valuable escape time in case a fire has already started. Stahl’s high-tech flame-retardant coating solutions can be used in a variety of applications, for a variety of surfaces in all kinds of industries. From apparel and accessories, via leisure and lifestyle to automotive and interior design.

Visible and invisible safety measurements
Stahl technology and solutions can be found throughout a variety of construction applications. Solutions that give flame-retardant properties to visible items such as flooring, tents and awnings at outdoor festivals, but that also give a fire-safe coating to less visible elements. Insulation material, heat shields, roofing and other construction material, be it non-woven, foam or membrane: in the invisible background they can all play their flame-retardant part with the right Stahl coating. Armed with the latest technologies, testing and prototyping equipment, we guarantee that you always receive the best application possible. In our Application Lab in Calhoun, USA, the combination of our testing and manufacturing equipment with our expertise always ensures best-in-class products and solutions that meet the highest standards.

Stahl’s complete range of flame-retardant building blocks with polymer dispersions and additives is comprehensive, but easy manageable. It’s just a matter of selecting the building blocks you need to create the coatings that match your requirements in performance and legislation. And, if you can’t find the right solution, Stahl is glad to help you to find the best solution for your situation. Because safety is a ongoing topic that concerns us all.

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