How flame retardants turn all working spaces into smart and safe zones!

Imagine a world where all of our working environments are safe for everyone operating in them. Spaces where risks of hazardous fires are limited to the absolute minimum, without compromising on performance, look and feel. When safety is a priority, the right technology can make all the difference. With our expanded portfolio of sustainable water-based flame retardants, safer working environments are one step closer. 

We spend a substantial amount of our adult lives at work: at offices, in shops, business centers or any other professional location. According to some reports, we dedicate no less than 90,000 hours of our lives to our work. And during our time at work, we of course want to be as safe as possible, without even having to think about it. Next to legislative requirements regarding safety, employers take all sorts of measures to reduce possibly hazardous situations at work. And fire safety is one of the main areas of focus. Paper-free offices, safe cable-management, switching of electrical appliances at the end of the day: in their own way they help to keep fire at bay. At the same time, employers and employees don’t want to compromise the durability and comfort of our working areas. After all, we do spend a great part of our lives at work. The best working area therefore is a working area where attractive, comfortable and lasting designs go hand in hand with maximum protection. 

Safe, stylish and sustainable 
As professionals responsible for the design and production of our working spaces, it is our daily job to make sure the products we design and produce are both stylish and as safe as possible. Today, product safety is more important than ever, legislation regarding fire-safety is stricter than ever, and rightfully so. Securing employees’ and guests’ safety is not a requirement to be taken lightly. Also, it is essential that these safety measures do not interfere with the design freedom of the maker, the beloved look and feel of the design, and characteristic features such as extended durability, and water and dirt repelling properties. And last but not least: the more sustainable the solution, the better. Whether it’s office chairs, reception area furniture, boardroom conference tables, floors, walls, carpets: every design has to be of supreme quality, in style, in safety and in sustainability.

Tailor-made protection
And that is where Stahl comes in. With to the acquisition of Eagle Performance Products Business in November 2016, Stahl has extended its portfolio of first-rate water-based flame retardants with performance coatings, additives and polymer dispersions that increase fire safety at home and on the road without compromising on quality of function and aesthetics. And, just like any other solution Stahl has to offer, the possibilities of our tailor-made flame-retardant solutions are endless. They meet the most rigorous fire standards, are high performing and sustainable, thus combining immediate protection against fire and long-term protection against pollution with the utmost artistic freedom and design. 

By using the latest technologies, testing and prototyping equipment, Stahl can continuously guarantee that you and your clients always receive the best application possible. In our Application Lab in Calhoun, USA, the combination of our testing and manufacturing equipment with our expertise always ensures best-in-class products and solutions that meet the highest standards in performance, aesthetics and sustainability. End products that, in all their style and substance, also slow the rate of fires, decrease its burn and smoke generation and increase valuable escape time in the undesirable event of a fire.

Let’s find your perfect match together
Stahl’s complete range of flame-retardant building blocks with polymer dispersions and additives might be broad, but is easy to manage. Simply select the building blocks you need to create the coatings that match your requirements in performance and aesthetics. Need assistance? As a dedicated partner, Stahl is more than happy to help you find the best answers to your specific questions. Answers that combine beauty, sustainability and safety into endless future-proof solutions, for years and years to come. 

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