From raw hide to a leather product

Stahl Campus® is all about strengthening knowledge through training, like our modular leather courses. As we all know, creating leather products, such as a car seat, a bag or shoe, is complex and takes time. Luckily, it will take you only a few minutes to discover how robust raw materials become luxurious consumer products. 

Changing raw hides into leather all starts with the preparation of the hide in the beamhouse. In the tannery the hide is processed further. After retanning and dyeing, the crust is finished with a top coat. After more than 50 processing steps, the leather is finally ready to be transformed into a leather product, for example a shoe or a bag. 

What is your current leather score? 
Leather is a popular product for luxury consumer goods. Did you know for instance more than 2,200 km2 leather per year is produced worldwide? That is the size of 330,000 soccer fields together. Did you also know that the average consumer generally carries 4 leather items at any time? Belt, shoes, bag, watch strap, jacket, phone cover, wallet… how many leather items are you currently carrying? 

The creation of every high-quality leather product is a fascinating, ever-evolving process that is not to be taken lightly. Especially in a time where designers and consumers are keen to pair the distinctive look and luxurious feel of high-quality leather through a more sustainable process with lower environmental impact and better longevity. Whether the leather will transform into jackets, bags, shoes, car seats, or upholstery; it deserves the best treatment in order to gain the best lifecycle, and to leave as little impact afterwards as possible. 

Discover all the facts: download the infographic
We have outlined the leather supply chain in a clear infographic that takes you through all the steps of how leather is made; from the curing of the raw hides to the final leather product. With this infographic the whole process, and the part Stahl can play in it, becomes clear. Download the infographic below and learn everything you ever wanted to know and more about how leather is made. 

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