How our cars evolve into refined third living spaces

Fasten your seatbelts; we are on our way to the future. A future in which our cars have developed from simply a means to get from A to B into a sophisticated third living space. Every component in the car of the future needs to be balanced, something we refer to as interior harmony. As a key player in providing a broad range of solutions for the car interior, Stahl possesses the tools to create the car interior that meets every car owner’s demands, while keeping a keen eye on safety and sustainability. 

Current and future car demands met
When it comes to the best possible solutions for car interior surfaces, Stahl is steadily positioned in the fast lane that leads to the future. As requirements are becoming more and more stringent, we continue to invest heavily in the development of new, even more sustainable, technologies. The result has come to life in our extensive portfolio of leather chemicals and performance coatings. With a keen eye for matching colors and overall appearance of the interior, and with substantial investments in the development of more sustainable technologies, Stahl’s portfolio of car interior solutions meets every demand current and future car owners have. We not only ensure a high level of performance, but also create a unique look & feel throughout every component of the interior of a car. For instance, color and appearance of the steering wheel that perfectly matches with the seat and trim materials of the dashboard and gear lever. 

With our Stahl EVO® range of polyurethane-coatings for synthetics, we offer car manufacturers an extensive selection of building blocks to produce coated materials more cost-effective and more sustainable without losing sight of trends to come. Stahl EVO® coating solutions are free of hazardous classified substances while offering a level of performance leading brands demand. For instance, the 100% water-based Stahl EVO® base offers a sustainable and powerful alternative for the conventional coagulation process as solvents and co-solvents like NMP or NEP are banned and replaced by Stahl EVO® alternatives. The selection of building blocks Stahl EVO® offers, allows manufacturers to select specifically the needed building blocks in order to create the desired functionality and appearance. 

No squeak, just sustainable style
According to a global market research held in 2014, one of the biggest annoyances of car owners is a squeaking car interior. An annoyance, as our cars are getting more silent each year. Stahl’s Squeak and Rattle coating solutions address this universal displeasure, reducing irritable noises to an absolute minimum. Our RelcaSil™ is the next generation sustainable, versatile, hybrid silicone urethane coatings that offer premium weather-strip performance while reducing squeak and rattle. 

Through our extensive PolyMatte® range, Stahl offers a smooth, matt finishing technology that provides a long-lasting matt. While this technology makes the material look luxurious, PolyMatte® also provides great flexibility and resistance to squeaking, scratching and abrasion. Latest expansion within this range is our bio-based PolyMatte® that is partially based on renewable plant-based rapeseed oil instead of traditional petrol-based materials. By offering sustainable alternatives, we offer our partners more choices, without discarding proven technologies. 

Drive Safe, 
Stahl Stay Clean™
Next to reducing unwanted noises, keeping your pale interiors clean is another demand. With our Stahl Stay Clean™ range, we deliver the ingredients needed to protect pale colored vinyl car interiors against common but stubborn stains such as dirt, spilled beverages or dye from denim. Stahl Stay Clean™ hinders the pick-up and migration of dirt and dyes into the substrate and enables easy cleaning. 

The above-mentioned technologies are just several examples of our sustainable solutions as we keep on pushing the boundaries towards a cleaner future. Solutions such as Stahlite® and Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ provide similar, low-VOC, sustainable properties without losing sight of performance. 

A diverse product range 
Stahl possesses a strong portfolio in strong, smart and sustainable solutions that bring the car of the future within reach. A strong portfolio that is perfected by our experience, knowledge, and our relentless ambition to develop technologies that speed up our joined journey towards that future:
  • Polyurethane coatings
  • Finishes, crosslinkers and adhesives 
  • Anti-squeak technology
  • Stahl Stay Clean™ technology
  • Alternative tanning systems
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