In Mold Coating Systems (IMC)

Dashboards, arm rest consoles, door panels and steering wheels in cars need to be protected against discoloration, weathering and cleaning products. Our aliphatic polycarbonate technology assures long term durability. In addition, it is a more efficient and safer system with fewer processing steps, which could result in cost savings and reduction in energy use. If you want to strengthen the chemical resistance even further, add one of our crosslinkers. On top of that, we also provide coatings according to your color references, whether you use closed or open molds.

The benefits
Our IMC system provides a more pleasant touch compared to other automotive systems. This is the result of the materials we use. In addition, Stahl IMC offers more design freedom and complex shades are formed easily. The technology used provides a lower density and a matt surface which does not gloss up after aging.

Overall benefits

IMC processing steps 
  • Mold temperature of 40 - 85 ºC 
  • Spray release agent
  • Spray IMC
  • Dry in 1 - 2 minutes (max. temp of 210 ºC)
  • Spray or inject aromatic material
  • Short reaction
  • De-mold

Stahl IMC benefits
  • Long term durability 
  • Pleasant touch
  • Homogeneous surface
  • Low gloss, also after ageing
  • Excellent color and heat stability
  • Close pores for easy cleaning 
  • Excellent grain replication
  • Crosslinker strengthens chemical resistance
  • Low-VOC, NEP & NMP free
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