Industrial Application

Lifesaving garment. Security papers. Medical gloves. 3 products, 1 similarity. All these products are covered with a Stahl performance coating. Why? We keep on innovating in close cooperation with our customers, to meet even the most stringent requirements.

For virtually any substrate we develop custom-made solutions. We upgrade and finish the surface by making it water-resistant, life longer, durable, antibacterial or whatever you have in mind.

Addressing our customers’ challenges
At Stahl we use our expertise, innovation power and extensive performance coatings portfolio to meet our customers’ needs. We are driven to find the coating solutions that address the challenges in technical performance, protection and aesthetic requirements for industrial applications. Our product development is driven towards zero-VOC products.

Our tailor-made coatings for all kind of flexible substrates are used in many industries, like transportation, construction, packaging and even advertising. Application examples of our durable coatings are truck tarpaulins, persennings and textile constructions for roofing of sport stadiums. Flexible food packages, fastening systems, military equipment, fire hoses and even billboards have been coated by Stahl. Also in hospitals people rely on Stahl. We develop the coating of protective mattresses and medical gloves for example.

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