Reactive high solids

Different from classic high solids, PermaQure® EVO does not contain non-hazardous blocking agents such as Mekoximes. It provides a thick and durable coating layer with excellent hydrolysis resistance, and it can be compact or foamed. PermaQure® EVO is specially designed for the transfer coating process.

The way forward: 
PermaQure® EVO
Our PermaQure® EVO portfolio for sustainable high performing coatings is part of Stahl EVO®:
  • No volatile components
  • Odor free
  • Emission free
  • Mekoxime-free
  • Compact or foamed

Meeting most stringent requirements
Classic high solid polyurethanes were developed in the 1970’s using Mekoxime-blocked pre-polymers in combination with liquid amines. Leading brands have now banned the presence of Mekoximes in PU coated fabrics. Stahl has developed PermaQure® EVO that allows the use of a non-blocked reactive pre-polymer in combination with a patented crosslinker without using Mekoximes or any volatile components. Just like the classic high solids, the reaction starts at 160°C. PermaQure® EVO base is designed to fulfil even the most demanding application fields such as sport shoes, outdoor sports and automotive seating.


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