John Fletcher, Group Director Marketing & Brand Services

Since February 2015, John Fletcher is Group Director Marketing & Brand Services. He leads the relationships with the brands, traders and key consumer brands. His goal is to ensure that the Divisions involved - Wet-End, Leather Finish and Performance Coatings Divisions - can offer the value required by each specific market. John is also the Global Key Account Manager for selected Leather Finish customers. In 2012, John Fletcher was appointed Group Director for the Leather Finish Division. In May 2007, John joined Stahl as Group Director of the Performance Coatings Division. Prior to this, he was President of VITA plc. Nonwovens in the USA. He also has held several positions at Lydall Thermal Acoustic Group in the USA and was Research Engineer at NASA Langley. John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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