Joint Venture between Stahl & OEM NuTech

Worldwide, homes and both corporate & public spaces are increasingly being furnished with natural and organic materials. Across the board, architects and interior designers opt for sustainable materials, so these spaces also contain fewer products that are harmful to your health. Powder coatings for wooden materials are a good example: they contain no solvents, thinners or metals. They offer an innovative, sustainable and efficient solution without using VOCs.

Like Stahl, Australian company OEM NuTech also has a strong focus on sustainability. With our environmentally friendly powder coatings, we make a substantial contribution to meeting the increasing demand for organic and eco-friendly materials for interiors and architectural applications. Combining our knowledge and experience of VOC-free materials, Stahl & OEM NuTech are together promoting eco-friendly coatings that are functional and durable, thus responding to demands for VOC-free powder coatings for heat sensitive materials.
In 2014, Stahl and OEM NuTech started working together intensively over a period of twelve months. On July 1, 2015, the partnership was formalized by means of a joint venture

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